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Названы лучшие актеры 2018 года

Издание The New York Times назвало 12 лучших актеров уходящего года: угадайте, кто ими стал.
Названы лучшие актеры 2018 года
Названы лучшие актеры 2018 года

Авторитетное американское издание The New York Times составило рейтинг лучших актеров 2018 года, который состоит из 12 звезд.

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Он был опубликован на официальном сайте издания. Кроме того, к списку прилагаются видеоролики с актерами, попавшими в него. В анонсе рейтинга сказано:

Джастин Пек, хореограф-резидент Нью-Йоркского балета, создал серию танцевальных фильмов для лучших актеров года. Сценарии ставят обычных персонажей в привычные ситуации: переполненный вагон метро, долгое пребывание в кабинете врача, обрушившийся ливень. Как только актеры начинают двигаться, они превращают наши общие ситуации в моменты очарования.

В 2018 году лучшими актерами по версии The New York Times стали:

  • Джулия Робертс;
  • Тони Коллетт;

Who among us hasn't given ourselves the heebie-jeebies in a spooky place all alone? One thing's for sure, we definitely didn't handle ourselves with the grace of @toni_colletteofficial. For our #GreatPerformers issue, @nytmag made ten short films, choreographed and directed by @justin_peck, where dance arises out of everyday movements. On our list of the best actors this year, critics @wsslyy and A.O. Scott noticed that women outnumbered men three to one. Female anger is a potent political, social and creative force nowadays, and perhaps their critical antennas (like the movies themselves) picked up on that. If Toni Collette’s character in “Hereditary” were to unleash her anger, the gates of hell might literally open. (Spoiler alert: They do anyway.) With music by @carolineadelaideshaw, watch more at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Лакит Стэнфилд;

@lakeithstanfield3 played Cash Green in “Sorry to Bother You,” — a dystopian satire of 21st-century hypercapitalism created by Boots Riley. For this performance, Times critics A.O. Scott and @wsslyy selected him as one of the best actors of 2018. Stanfield may be recognizable from his roles in “Get Out” or “Atlanta,” but he is most interesting as an actor because he is so fluid, mercurial, unpredictable. His face conveys kindness and melancholy, diffidence and sensitivity in combinations that are hard to read and impossible to stop studying. @philipmontgomery photographed Stanfield for our #GreatPerformers series, for which we picked twelve of the year’s best actors and asked them to star in a series of ten short films that incorporate dance into everyday actions, choreographed and directed by @justin_peck. Click the link in our bio for more.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Гленн Клоуз;

Dancing in movies — one of the glories of the golden age of Hollywood — what happened to that? Movies with music and about musicians are big again, and we brought @justin_peck in to choreograph and direct ten short films with the year’s best actors dancing their hearts out. Glenn Close has always been at home in acting’s too-much zone — meltdowns, snaps, dam bursts, breaks from reality where she can explode without warning, a bomb with no fuse. This year, Close stars in “The Wife,” which Times critic @wsslyy says casts Close as the wife of a pompous novelist of great renown, who carries her fuse throughout the performance. Photographed by @philipmontgomery, see more #GreatPerformers at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Реджина Холл;

@nycballet choreographer @justin_peck wanted to create dances that arise from everyday movements. So we did just that with ten of the year’s best actors in a series of ten short films, choreographed and directed by Peck. This year, @morereginahall plays Lisa in @supportthegirlsfilm, in what @wsslyy calls “a part written to be no bigger than life itself.” “Support the Girls” is a comedy set in Texas, at a Hooters-style sports bar called Double Whammies, during a particularly chaotic 24 hours. The cable is out, there’s a robber stuck in a vent, one waitress has run over her ex, one just got a taboo tattoo and another has dragged in her sick son. Oh, and the owner is a lunatic. Hall’s character is as indispensable to the bar as Hall is to the film. Watch more #dance from our #GreatPerformers series at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Итан Хоук;

@ethanhawke’s moveable feast. Hawke stars in the film “First Reformed,” with what A.O. Scott calls a performance that invites irreverent awe. His Rev. Ernst Toller is a minister to a dwindling congregation in upstate New York, and his daily frustrations soon grow into a full-blown crisis as the state of his soul becomes entwined with the fate of the earth itself. For our annual #GreatPerformers issue, Hawke stars as a diner whose growing anxiety explodes on screen. @justin_peck choreographed and directed twelve of the year’s best actors doing mundane activities made poetic through dance. Produced by @nytmag and @mamagstudios, see more at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Элси Фишер;

Whatever happened to dance on screen? After the golden age of Hollywood, the movie musical expired. The music video arrived. When we asked @nycballet’s @justin_peck to choreograph and direct ten short films for us, his idea was to incorporate dance into the mundane actions of everyday life. In “Eighth Grade,” @elsiekfisher plays a miserable middle schooler named Kayla so well that at first it almost seems like a documentary of teenage angst. Fisher actually creates two Kaylas, says critic @wsslyy. One is a knot of hormones and nerves and feelings. The other is the sunny life coach she pretends to be in her @youtube diaries, dispensing advice on confident comportment — a projection into the internet’s void of the self she wishes she could be. With music by @carolineadelaideshaw and produced by @nytmag and @mamagstudios, see more #dance at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Ялица Апарисио;

@yalitzaapariciomtz was training to be a teacher when she auditioned for the part of Cleo, a young housekeeper in an upper class Mexican household, for Alfonso Cuarón’s movie ‘Roma.’ In the history of American movies — and of Latin American movies, too — domestic workers have tended to be marginal figures. ‘Roma’ is based on the memories of the director’s own bourgeois Mexico City household, and puts Cleo at the center of a sweeping tale of family life and social upheaval. @yalitzaapariciomtz was photographed here by @philipmontgomery for our #GreatPerformers series, in which Times critics A.O. Scott and @wsslyy pick twelve of the best actors of 2018. @nytmag cast them in ten short films choreographed and directed by @justin_peck. More at the link in our bio.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Ю А Ин;

Falling in love yet? Yoo Ah-in (@hongsick) is a big, charismatic star in South Korea. This year he stars in “Burning,“ a slow-boiling thriller adapted from a Haruki Murakami story. Yoo plays a recent college graduate and struggling writer who befriends a girl who seduces him, and then subsequently disappears. For our #GreatPerformers issue, choreographer @justin_peck brought the motion back to “motion pictures,“ directing ten short dance films with the year's most intriguing stars. Produced by @nytmag and @mamagstudios, click the link in our bio to watch @Hongsick in “Waiting Room,“ and see the other actors our critics picked this year for their stellar performances. Photographed by @philipmontgomery.

Допис, поширений The New York Times Magazine (@nytmag)

  • Эмма Стоун;
  • Оливия Колман;
  • Рэйчел Вайс.

Смотрите видео со всеми двенадцатью лучшими актерами 2018 года здесь:

Напомним, ранее была названа самая популярная песня ХХ века.

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